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bya_sama's Journal

3 May 1981
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I love to read! I read almost anything, but since I discovered the world of mangas I became addicted to it. Bleach is one of those I like the most. I also like very much to read fanfics. Some are very good, especially those written by Marin Liliz.

I 'fear' I also like Final Fantasy VII more than what should be reasonable, and some fanfics author (such as klikstar, amarissia, dantesdarkqueen, spopococ, amazonturk...in Fanfiction dot com) are not helping me at all! *poor me ;D* But they are so talented that it would be a pity not to read their works, neh?!! *silly grin*

[Randomly what I dislike: pollution, narrow-minded people, spiders, traffic-jams, unreliable people...]